Burning Fortune + An interview with Jason Decay of Cauldron

Posted 01 January 2011   Interviews

TBR:  Let’s talk about the recording sessions for your new record,  “Burning Fortune”.  It was produced by Jameson Elliot…  How was it a different experience than recording your first album?

J Decay: The main difference was we had more time to spend on the recording this time around. Working with Jameson is great. I worked with him before and I know his style and how he works so going to him to make this album was an easy decision. He pretty much likes to make records the same way we do which is a real, honest live sounding performance without too much processing. A band that sounds like an actual band really.

TBR:  From the standpoint of the sound you were going for, was the game plan built on what you’d done earlier with “Chained To The Nite” or was it more building it up from scratch, trying new things in the studio?

It was a real simple approach. We just plugged in the amps, tuned up the drums, put mics on them and record live in a room together. Musically everything was prepared going into the studio so we would just bash out a tune like 5 times and use the best take. We didn’t manipulate the recording too much, its just us playing in a room together with some guy in the background telling us if it was good enough or not.

TBR:  What’s your main axe these days?  Did you use your Rickenbacker to record much on this album?

J Decay: I used my Ric copy on the entire recording. It and my Rich Bich are my best sounding basses in the studio, but the Bich isn’t as comfortable to play. The Ric has become my main bass since I snapped the head off my Warlock.

TBR:  In a “Geddy vs. Lemmy” battle, who comes out on top?

Geddy for sure. I love Lemmy but I could look up to Geddy for both his bass playing and singing for the rest of my life and never be half as good as he is.

TBR:  Obviously, you guys are strongly influenced by the sound of the NWOBHM bands and other Hard Rock bands of the 80’s.  Does it bother you if people think of Cauldron as a sort of “retro” thing or is that cool with you?

J Decay: Think what thy will, we just play music. You can put a date on it if you want but to us its just the music we love and they way we want to sound and that’s timeless to us.

TBR:  I read earlier that the young lady on the cover of “Burning Fortune” is a British model by the name of Lora Leigh.  Were you guys in the back of the car with her before the shoot?  Hard to tell, but it looks like she may have been partying a little…

J Decay: Ha ha, no but its supposed to look like that! The back cover has us sitting inside the back of the limo but the front cover and the back cover were two different shoots. The back cover was done in Toronto and the front was done in England a few weeks later.

TBR:  Who made the final decision to go with Laker beer during the photo shoot?  Was there a lot of debate about that one at the Beer Store that day or do you guys have a sponsorship with the Brick Brewing Company?

J Decay: Actually there’s Lakeport pils in there too but we decided the Laker cans looked much better. We just wanted to use some cheap Canadian swill that they wouldn’t have anywhere else in the world; something that represents where we’re from.

TBR:  I’ll be honest, I haven’t tried Laker yet but it’s made by Brick, who make pretty decent beer.  Before I looked it up, I thought that Laker was like Wildcat or something — one of those beers that tastes like a liquid fart.  Anyways, if you could only pick one of each, what are the best and worst beers out there?

J Decay: Laker is pretty shit, but its cheap. One of my favourite beers is Newcastle brown ale. I tend to like amber ales and stuff like that.  One of my worst is James Ready; you have to cut that shit with V8! I had this all time worst shit beer ever in Belgium but I forget what its called. I remember wanting to throw up after the first sip. I thought it was just a bad batch but I had it again when we went back and it was just as bad. Check out the Chromium Dioxide “Cauldron special” magazine that comes with the limited edition version of Burning Fortune for a complete run down of our favourite cheap beers.

TBR:  Personally, what’s your favourite alcoholic beverage?

J Decay: Beer!

TBR:  What are the tour plans for supporting “Burning Fortune”?

J Decay: Well we have some shows in eastern Canada when the album comes out in February and then we’re doing a full north american run starting mid April. There’s talk of Europe in the summer, other than that we don’t really know yet…

TBR:  You mentioned in a previous interview that one of the guys from Exciter loaned you his tour case from the 80’s.  Was there anything in it when you picked it up and opened it for the first time?  A pair of sunglasses or a stale cigarette or maybe a pair of panties?

J Decay: Ha ha, I don’t think so. I think there was some of his daughter’s make up or something; she was using it as a dresser before we came over and took it. I think Chris still has it but I don’t know where the hell he’s keeping it, its probably still in the trailer; that thing is huge!

TBR:  Did you leave anything in it for him when you dropped it off or did you even give it back yet?

J Decay: No, I think he gave it to us so we still have it.

TBR:  Do you get more dudes at your show or do you have a lot of chicks into it as well?

J Decay: I guess its more guys than girls but there are quite a few girls at Cauldron shows it seems which is a good thing.

TBR:  I know you guys are all true gentlemen, but who gets the most pussy in the band?

J Decay: Well we all have girlfriends now but I guess if any of us were still single we would have a fare share of options.

TBR: Seriously now, do you guys find it hard to keep from partying all the time or is it easy for you to flip the switch and get down to business?

It can be hard but you gotta do what you have to. If there’s nothing else to do and there’s beer and records in front of you then we partake, otherwise we get done what we need to. No one is going to do shit for you, you have to take care of yourself first.

Who are your top three Canadian Metal (not Hard Rock) bands of all time?

J Decay: Wow, this is hard. Is Rush metal? Sacrifice, Anvil and Exciter I guess. I need to see a list!

Last question:  If things go your way when it’s all said and done, what will they say about Cauldron 30 years down the road?

J Decay: How do they still write such good songs?!