Divine Prophecy + An interview with Will Fiore of Zoroaster

Posted 07 February 2011   Interviews

Road Rash

TBR:  It’s been quite some time on the road for you guys now!  At this point, I assume it’s the longest stretch you’ve been out, ja?  How’s everybody holding up on the road?

Will: Everyone has their ups and downs of course but we love it on the road so it never gets too bad for too long with us. Once we get home for a week or two and stop hating each other, the itch to get out again comes right back.

TBR:  What have you guys been listening to in the van?   Besides burps and farts — I’m talking about music here.

Will: Luckily our roadie, Nick, can’t go anywhere without his computer so we pretty much listen to whatever we want.  He just loads up some flash drive and we plug it right into the CD player it’s been a lot of Country lately during the day but after shows when everyone’s wasted it always goes back to the Metal.

TBR:  Anything memorable to you about that last show in Toronto with Dark Castle?  Hoped to see you back here again…  You all didn’t get banned from coming back to Canada, did you?!?

Will: I believe they have too much fun fucking with us to ban us from coming back! As far as memorable, we got to see FUBAR for the first time and in the state of mind we were in we could not stop laughing.  I’m afraid to see it sober.

TBR:  I’ve read about some of the “G-rated” stories you guys have from the road but after six months out, you’ve got to be ready to share at least one of the “R”s…  C’mon — Vince from Howl told us about how Rob (Howl’s bassist) tore his dick up on a toilet seat!

Will: What!? I have to hear that one!  There’s really nothing that interesting besides a bunch of dudes getting fucked up every night acting like idiots.

TBR:  Seriously though, have you guys learned anything as a result of being on an extended tour?  Anything related to musical ideas or your approach for the next record?  Any revelations about road life or things you’re doing differently since things started?

Will: You definately learn to pace yourself a little bit.  We have nights where we take it easy and get some rest.  Getting a hotel every now and then is really important it’s amazing what one night in a bed will do for you – or chilling out at a beach when you have some extra time.  Anything to make you feel normal for a minute.