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Posted 14 March 2011   Interviews

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TBR:  What was it that made you decide that it was time to wrap it up with your previous project and start Of Legends?  Was The Secret Handshake (great name, BTW) something that was at the end of it’s natural lifespan or was it more that you were suddenly inspired to move in a different direction?

Louis: TSH was definitely near the end of its life as far as the fans went and I really wanted it to end as positively as possible. I had been working on the Of Legends songs for a couple years at that point and so it felt easy to make the transition.

TBR:  Realizing that “songs are still songs” and that “music is still music”, how is Of Legends different from a songwriting perspective?

Louis: Honestly, its really not different at all. I think the fans in any genre want the same thing. They want honesty and feeling. In this genre its aggression and I think that is something I do well in this regard.

TBR:  Personally, I think it’s great to have different ideas and inspirations, but did you have any concerns that you’d be losing or alienating an established fanbase that you established with The Secret Handshake?  Conversely, did you think at all about the reaction from hardcore Metal fans knowing that your last project had such a drastically different sound?  I’ve got to imagine that the fans of TSH would shit their pants to hear “Stranded” for the first time!

Louis: Ha! well, it definitely crossed my mind. But its like I say, you have to be confident in what you release. If the music is honest and true, people will react positively and that is something you cant forge. I think most TSH fans have always known I’ve been into most styles of music.

TBR:  If I understand it correctly, at the time the album was recorded, the only permanent personnel were just yourself and (drummer) Travis Orbin.  What is the present lineup of the band and how did you guys find one another?

Louis: Well, when he tracked the drums he didn’t even have an intention of joining, but soon after the band he was in (Sky Eats Airplane) was beginning a long off period and them being over had been discussed, so it felt natural for him to join. We met through a few friends we both had and once we did the record we got to being great pals.

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TBR:  Do you see Of Legends being a project that is taking it one step at a time or do you see this as being a “roots down” band situation for everyone involved?

Louis: Ya, it’s definitely an interesting situation – we are trying to take it slowly though things have moved fast. We are so happy to have received any amount of respect we’ve gotten and this tour we are on now has been a great privilege.

TBR:  Do you think it will be challenging to come together and collaborate with different bandmates as songwriting partners or is there any sense of relief that you don’t have to carry all that weight yourself now?

Louis: Of course, I think we are all excited to get into a room and really hash out the next album as a cohesive unit. We are confident it will be something next level.

TBR:  You’re listed as a “self-taught musician” which is almost hard to beleive given the technical complexity of some of your stuff.  Did you come from a very musical background?  Who were your early musical inspirations?

Louis: Thank you.  Though I didnt come from a music family, early on I was definitely a sponge.  I was hugely into bands like Iron Maiden and Judas Priest, Motorhead and then later on Pantera

TBR:  Were there any other inspirations or themes that inspired the lyrics on “Stranded”?

Louis: The album was written entirely about the movie “Event Horizon”

TBR:  Lastly, what are your goals for Of Legends in 2011?

We are hoping to reach as many people as possible and create absolute havoc.  I’d like for our shows to be disasters and for people to get hurt. Also I’d love to write a song that got used as a WWE entrance theme song.  No joke.