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Posted 13 March 2012   Music Reviews

Lurk are a bunch of dirty bastards from Finland who have taken it upon themselves to wrestle with the challenge of taking the unholy trinity of sludge/stoner/doom metal and twisting it into new and meaningful forms on their self-titled debut.  That’s a tall order, considering the fact that there will always be more than enough cynical pricks up in the cheap seats to remind us that there’s nothing new under the sun, it’s all been done before and that they “sound like” this or that.  Peh!

For some strange reason, the band have even gone as far as to help those sorts of assholes out by listing a few of their influences here and there on the interweb.  Why they’ve done that, I dunno but I’m not gonna repeat that kind of promo-sheet silliness here.  For one thing, I find that Lurk sound every bit as good or in some cases, BETTER than a few of their influences.  More importantly, this sort of thing just degrades what is, to my ears, a hell of a fine effort.

The riffs are quality:  “A Pulkkinen” turns in just the right kind of down-tuned, gut-bucket, “stick to your ribs” sludgy goodness that hits the nail on the head for me.  To elaborate, you ever seen it where a dog rolls over, you scratch his belly and the hind leg involuntarily starts kickin’??  That’s me.

I’m also quite partial to the vocals which are nasty as fuck and yet at the same time, they actually sound good.  Attributed to some rugged, backwoods hessian who by goes by the name of “K Koskinen”, my man has escaped the doom that befalls far too many vocalists – even the plenty of good ones – and he actually mixes up his style and performance to suit the needs of the song.  As best I can make them out, the lyrics are allright as well.  I’m sure it’s not the second coming of Robert Frost, but nobody seems to have embarrassed themselves signing about playing with the devil’s dick in the deep, dark woods.

So all of that is well and good, but what about the song themselves?  They’ve got more than enough flavor to stand out from the rest of the pack and from one another.  Some bands, Christ, they write one good tune and it sounds like they’re just playing the same goddamn thing for the next 45 minutes.  In any case, “Lurk” is thoughtfully stitched together with just the right blend of shoe-gazing ambience as well as having enough dynamic movement to keep things from getting bogged down.

Only time will tell if this will truly become an underground “classic”, but what I can tell you now is that after several days of repeated listening, I’m hooked.


“LURK” is OUT NOW on Totalrust Records!!


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