Baroness Interview pt. 1 & 2

Posted 01 June 2012   Interviews

TBR caught up with Peter Adams and John Baizley of Baroness both before and after a scintillating performance in Toronto.  “The Ophidian Trek”, aka. the “Death Metal Sandwich”, was a series of dates with Meshuggah and Decapitated in support of Baroness’ highly anticipated release, Yellow and Green.

In part one, Peter shares his thoughts on the recording process, recent personnel changes within the band with the departure of Summer Welch and highlights from the road.  We don’t wanna spoil it for you, but “bowling with Vogg of Decapitated”?  That’s good times!

In our mildly inebriated post-performance wrap-up with Baizley, we recap his daring choice of fitness attire and attempt to discern who would win an arm-wrestling contest between himself and Mr. Adams.  In more thoughtful moments, there is also discussion on the recording process and the inspiration behind the new album.

Yellow and Green is available July 17th on Relapse Records.


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