Ladybird + Ontological Physicalism

Ladybird cover
Posted 14 August 2012   Music Reviews

This is some filthy stuff.  This power trio from Arizona plays a nasty brand of sludge that sounds like Weedeater on a lengthy Percocet binge, the three tunes on here ranging from seven to 10+ minutes in length. The opener, title track as it were, sets the tune with its low-down, straight-forward, bludgeoning sludge attack, steamrolling everything in its path with mud and distortion, their singer seemingly taking vocal lessons from Dixie, growling like a rabid wolverine.

The heavy, pulsating fuzz riffage of “Gone Away” reminds me of OTIS, albeit with another layer of jackhammer dust layered overtop, a bluesy guitar solo adding some texture near the end.  My guess is that these guys are quite loud when they perform live.  Third and final tune “Slow” lives up to its namesake, a roaring wall of feedback introducing what almost sounds like a distorted saxophone before we get down to business.  As expected, this tune crawls along at a snail’s pace, buzzing like an off-key dentist’s drill that numbs the skull with its deft precision.  Like that hit of laughing gas before the root canal, this is some good shit.  Can I have some more, please?

— Gruesome Greg

Rating 4.0 / 5


Ladybird – Ontological Physicalism is OUT NOW on Handshake Inc.