Lawless + Nite of the Wolf


The time is always right for good death metal, but there’s something about the Autumn that really sets the mood and makes it even better.  Maybe it’s the fact that the sun retreats and the night falls so quickly.  Maybe it’s the gaunt, deathly look of the trees as they begin to loose their leaves.  Maybe it’s the chill that sets in the bones as the dead of winter draws near.

Anyways, I’ll cut the crap and just say that I was stoked when Blood Divine label boss Luca Indrio let me know that he had a new release coming out by a band called Lawless.  As it turns out, Lawless is none other than Luca (bass/vocals) together with Kyle House (guitar/vocals) and Dave Benson (drums) each of whom are also members of Acephalix/Vastum.  Talk about prolific…  These guys spew more death than the black plague!

As with their previous work, Night of the Wolf has absolutely crushing sound thanks to Jeff Leppard Davis (RIP) who delivers what I assume is his last recording with Luca, Kyle and Dave.

Let’s be clear:  Night of the Wolf is not setting out to redefine what death metal – quite the contrary, in fact.  Lawless have plotted a course for the cold, black heart of what death metal is, not what death metal could be.

Indrio kicks it straight. ”We do what the fuck we want.  That’s the deep concept behind the band.  Bow to None.”  Fuckin’ a.  And what exactly DO they want, exactly??  Well, to bash your fucking brains in with the power of METAL, by the dark gods!!

For those who are already fans of what these guys have done in the past, you’ll be pleased to know that this isn’t some second-string material that didn’t make the cut for Interminable Night.  These guys only know one way of doing things – horns high and balls out!!  While there’s nothing “pure” about these boys, but their sound?  These guys are true believers and practice their unholy craft with the utmost devotion.


Wolf drawing (tape cover) by Kyle House.


RATING 3.5 / 5

Lawless – Nite of the Wolf is available direct from Blood Divine
200 Copies limited