Posted 30 Apr 2013

Unspoken + An interview with Phillip Cope of Kylesa

Through the years, Kylesa has grown in leaps and bounds as measured by each of their successive recordings.  With Spiral Shadow, released 2010, the band focused their chimerical energies and ascended to new heights, satisfying long-time fans and achieving a broader recognition at the same time.   It’s been almost three years, but the time has nearly come.  The Bone... Continue »
Darkthrone - Portraits
Posted 16 Apr 2013

Leave No Cross Unturned + An interview with Fenriz of...

"The war against soulless drivel is FAR from over" Continue »
Photo by Greg Cristman | greg C photography™
Posted 03 Apr 2013

Wretched Wisdom + An interview with Krallice

TBR goes deep in our interview with black metal alchemists Krallice. Continue »
Jucifer Cover
Posted 28 Mar 2013

Jucifer interview

Some things are worth the wait. Time stands still as Jucifer speaks with The Bone Reader. Continue »
Serpentine Path cover
Posted 25 Jan 2013

The Road To Hell + Serpentine Path interview

"We wanted to be the polar opposite of all that weak crap that’s out there." Continue »
PromoImage1 CROPPED
Posted 16 Dec 2012

When The Blood Runneth Over + An Interview With Steve...

Neurosis’s Steve Von Till + Scott Kelly meet head to head to head with Oxbow's Eugene S. Robinson in an interview part image, part word, all clear. Continue »
bone readerSH-1
Posted 06 Dec 2012

An Orgy of Ink + An Interview with Seldon Hunt

"I drew a very graphic penis for a toilet door at an office job many years ago. I got fired." Continue »
Posted 05 Nov 2012

Orgy of Ink + An interview with Arik Roper

"You haven't lived until you've tried to find your seat in the dark at Carnegie Hall in that (psilocybin) state of mind." Continue »
Ice Dragon cover
Posted 10 Oct 2012

Stay frosty + An interview with Ice Dragon

Ice Dragon is the bonfire in the woods that you and your degenerate friends would try to jump over at the end of the night. Continue »
Posted 09 Sep 2012

Transmutation + An interview with Ufomammut

Golden touch Continue »
Posted 06 Sep 2012

Death Is Only The Beginning + An Interview With...

Eat, Fuck, Sleep, Shit, Necrot. Continue »
Posted 02 Sep 2012

Ashes to ashes + An interview with haarp

Poised in the eve of their follow up release entitled Husks, TBR tears into a meaty discussion with haarp's demolition man, Keith Sierra Jr. Continue »
Moss 3 COVER
Posted 19 Aug 2012

Impending Doom: An Interview With Moss

"More songs, more riffs, more immediate, heavier, slower, faster, melodic, disonnance, depth and weight. A lot of fucking weight." Continue »
XOZO cover
Posted 13 Aug 2012

Vision quest + An interview with Xozo

It's a known fact that "idle hands are the devil's plaything". The guys from Xozo have been busy as hell but it hasn't done much to keep them out of trouble! Continue »
Bong doom TBR cover
Posted 06 Aug 2012

Doom From On High: An interview with Bong

"Men may pray to all the gods but one; Only the gods themselves may pray to Mana-Yood-Sushai" Continue »
MS cover-2
Posted 27 Jul 2012

Stay Awake + An interview with Mike Scheidt

YOB frontman Mike Scheidt has been a fierce and unrelenting presence in the world of metal for many years. With Stay Awake, his debut release as a solo artist, Scheidt moves closer towards his own universal truth. Continue »
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