About TBR

Vision Thing

The Bone Reader offers supernatural insight into all facets of Hard Rock and Heavy Metal from Sludge and Doom into Hardcore and the avant-garde.   Our focus is on representing the music and artists we love by providing the finest, in-depth interviews, music reviews, features on new equipment and other artifacts as well as selected regional and international event listings.

More importantly, The Bone Reader exists to encourage you to support the artists and labels and BUY MUSIC.

Most of us get it already, but the music industry has changed.  People “share” music — that’s the reality — but the fact is that most of the artists represented here are not “rock stars”.  Without cash money financial support from the people who enjoy their music, it’s all over.  Times are hard for many of us right now but that’s why it’s even more important to support artists and others who commit their lives and make a lot of personal sacrifices for the music we love.